The Courts

"The reason I wrote the songs and the lyrics on this recording, is because I have suffered four times in the court system as a plaintiff with these judges and lawyers. My experience with their corruption has inspired this C.D. "

Yes, as a plaintiff, Pro Se, in several cases, seeking my rights that were stolen from me by those who had connections and who manipulate the laws, to serve their friends and compatriots.Unfortunately, the black robes that cover their sins on the bench, also gives one who wears it, Carte Blanche to play God.And yet, this is happening to many who go to court placing their trust in their lawyers, and the presiding judge, to seek a just solution to their case, and never to find it.

But, I have been endowed with this musical talent and foresight as my vehicle, and after several of my law actions have been manipulated and also massacred at the hands of those addressed as "Your Honor", my songs and my lyrics and experiences, I hope, will help you all who have not had your day of justice, to know.....

"You are Not Alone"

Listen to sample tracks of Miss Gloria Parker s Corruption Reigns in the Courtroom CD.

Track 01 - Justice Has a Price

Track 02 - The Long Black Robes

Track 03 - Masters of Deception

Track 04 - Pro Se Si Si