Gloria Parker has spent a lifetime creating and performing music to the delight of people of all ages. A consummate entertainer and musician, Gloria fronted several bands including the all-girl band, "Gloria Parker and the Coquettes". Alphonse D'Artega wrote many of the bands musical arrangements and they played D'Artega's hit song "In The Blue Of Evening". She has wowed thousands with her musicianship on the marimba, violin, vocally, and the musical glasses.

Gloria has authored hit songs, appeared in film, conducted for Judy Garland, played with the Hartford Symphony, and appeared with Lionel Hampton, who recorded many of her songs. She has also made several television appearances as a featured guest with Joe Franklin, Alan Combs, The Late Night Show with David Letterman, The Ed Sullivan Show, and Regis Philbin.

Gloria has just finished her new book "Corruption Reigns In Our Courtrooms", Please go to the New Book & CD Tab for more information and see quotes from our many new readers.

Mission Statement
In an effort to reach out to an audience that has not yet been inspired by one of her live performances, Gloria has created Musical Genius Concepts. Musical Genius Concepts Inc.'s purpose is to write and produce music, lyrics, and books in a variety of accessible formats. To entertain and inspire a wide audience, and to encourage genuine kindness, love, and harmony in other people.

The Other Side
"If we all practiced kindness and loving-because we are all part of the master plan-there would be no room for hatred, meanness and unloving" she believes. Gloria, who would remove a bug from her home not wishing to kill it, considers all animals her friends. She has had parrots from Africa who sing and talk, and feeds squirrels, birds, raccoons and foxes every day. Her goal in life is to continue bringing happiness into people's lives which she does by entertaining young and old alike. Gloria composed the rap "You Can Croak on Crack", which the Town of Hempstead made into a four minute video to be shown in all it's schools.

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